Complete Supply + Vendor Guide

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  • A 45-page guide full of the supplies, resources and vendors that we personally use in our calligraphy and stationery business based on years of knowledge, experience, successes and failures!

  • The ONLY place that lists our supplies and vendors for all facets of my business: calligraphy, paint, outsourced professional printers, embellishments, signage, packaging, shipping, office and digital supplies with tips, tricks and advice.

  • Includes fully annotated and credited image examples to help with better understanding and visual examples.

  • Bonus: packaging your products for your clients including my exact postcards, thank you cards and mailing suggestions that I include with our orders!

  • Includes free yearly additions and updates, regardless if sticker price increases.

From the author:

I want to give you the perfect resource that I wish I had when I first started out! This is ONLY place that all of my supplies and vendors are listed and talked about, including my letterpress, digital, foil, napkin printers and more! There’s over a hundred tools in here to help you be successful in your own calligraphy and stationery business and I want to help you not make the same mistakes that I did. Start your business right with solid vendors, an understanding of options and high quality materials.

What does it cover?

  1. Introduction

  2. A letter to my “just starting” self

  3. Making the move from calligrapher to stationer

  4. Supplies and vendors

    1. Calligraphy

    2. Paint/Painting

    3. Outsourced Professional Printers (for letterpress, foil, digital, foam core, fabric and sign printers, die cuts, laser cuts, all specialty invitation printing, day-of printing, fun supply printers, and more)

    4. Embellishments + Invitation Essentials (all supplies and vendors for when creating wax seals, pocket invitations, belly bands, inner and outer envelopes, liners, and more)

    5. Signage (specifically tips, supplies and vendors for acrylic, wood, chalkboard, mirror, fabric and printed signage)

    6. Packaging/Shipping

    7. Office Supplies + Vendors

    8. Digital/Non-Tangible

  5. Working with handmade papers (papers and printing, supplies, tips and vendors)

  6. My best signage tips

  7. Envelope + card sizing cheat sheet

  8. Packaging your products for clients

    1. Includes examples of my own client insert cards for when I package invitation suites (thank you card, mailing suggestions card, post card)

Who’s it for? 

Think of this resource as what I wish I could’ve told myself five years ago starting out as a calligrapher wanting to get into stationery. If you have no idea on where to start with reaching out to printers, how to buy wholesale supplies or where from - this is my complete supply and vendor guide to help you! Literally every single vendor in one place with so much information that took me six years and thousands of dollars to collect! If you have an established stationery business already, this resource probably isn’t for you as you probably have all of your own suppliers and vendors. Stay tuned for more advanced resources as this is just the beginning!

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