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Olive Branch Wax Seals

A beautiful and versatile wax seal design! 


  • 1" round wax seal stickers in the olive branch design in chosen wax color.
  • Each seal will have an adhesive backing for you to easily peel and stick on your items


  • Adhesive is strong-hold and holds up in the mail.* 
  • Choice of wax seal color (for a better look at our options, please visit our Client Resources page and click "wax seal options")

*Contact us if a resealable adhesive is needed. 

Minimum quantity of 50.

These wax seal stickers will not melt around textured items such as ribbon or sprigs and are meant to adhere to flat surfaces. For additional design options, and to purchase a glue gun, sealing wax or other wax sealing supplies, please visit here!

For custom wax seal designs, please contact us at

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